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Standard & Poor's Agency Warned Euro Zone

Standard and Poor's credit rating Agency warned it may cut rating 15 countries in the Euro zone with the worsening debt crisis of the region, and put the agency rankings countries in the Euro zone, including countries with credit ratings distinct, such as Germany and France, under surveillance, with the potential reduction in the step unprecedented refers to the possibility of reducing the rankings of these countries within 90 days.

The Standard and Poor's agency said "The move resulted from our belief that regulatory pressures in the euro area worsened in recent weeks to the extent that they now form the downward pressure on the credit rating of the Euro area as a whole"

The agency noted tightening of credit conditions across the Euro area and the "clear height" in the risk premiums on sovereign bonds.

It is noteworthy that governments and families continue to suffer from large debts in most countries of the euro area, with the increased risk of recession, estimated by Standard & Poor's currently 40% over the next year.

The important factor behind the warning the agency was "continuing disagreements among European policy-makers on how to address the current crisis of confidence in the market, and the longer term, how to ensure a convergence of economic and financial largest among the members of the Euro area".
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Survive The Next Crisis

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Survive The Next Crisis is New Step By Step Guide Will Show You How To Protect Yourself and Your Family against The Next Crisis!

Exceeded the sovereign debt crisis worsening in Europe, local banks, and are the indirect consequences threaten the companies on the continent and throughout the world.
And began to airlines and shipping giant and owners of small factories and businesses in all its forms and activities is feeling the pressure caused by the European banks stopped lending as part of its efforts to increase its capital and to support their balance sheets. Which led to the credit crunch experienced by companies operating from Berlin to Beijing, which puts the global economy on the brink of another economic recession.
The deteriorating situation in the euro area pay Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to amend its forecast for U.S. economic growth at a rate of 2% next year, down from the expected rate at the previous 3.1% in May. Also reduced the economic outlook for Europe and the rest of the world, can also aggravate the contraction of credit from the economic slowdown.
Moreover, increased agency Moody's credit rating from the possibility of an overall reduction in the debt rating of European governments in the event of not reaching a strong resolution and resolve the escalating crisis worsening.
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Making Stock Trading Simple

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Surviving Martial Law

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What is Martial Law

Martial Law - according to Wikipedia - is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis.


No matter what your politics may be, we can all agree the status Of U.S is in jeopardy. Unemployment is up, available work hours are down, and people are struggling. The economic meltdown in America, The "occupy Wall Street" movement and the real estate crash have the American Government on edge.

As you probably know, Martial Law has been instituted in several countries, but did you know that there is also a plan for it to be put into action here at home? Martial Law has been used in the United States many times over the years, and the idea of it happening now is extremely realistic. Don't become a victim!

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Impeach Obama

The "Occupy Wall Street" peace movement, which is struggling against economic inequality and what they call corporate greed increasing strength day by day in various U.S. cities

Impeach Obama movement

The latest developments in the formation of a new movement has been demanding removal of U.S. President Barack Obama from office because they - according to his website - will lead to its collapse and bankruptcy of the U.S. economy and that America will turn to the countries of the developing world!

Impeach Obama movement Website offers 32-Page Report "Why Barack Obama Needs To Be Impeached In Order To Save America"

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FX Rogue Review

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Islamic finance and development of the economy and reduce corruption

Many people wrongly believe that Islamic banks will give them interest-free loans to finance their projects or their belongings. But they forget to ask themselves the following question: How can the Bank believes that the coverage of various expenses (salaries of staff and rental agencies) If the loan was granted without the Lord? And even how the investor in the bank's capital to reap illegal profits from his investment, work, risking his head? The Bank is not a charity, and thus should generate revenues of Islamic banking transactions to cover the expenses of the institution of banking profits for investors, but without resorting to usury and trade in the funds.

The prohibition Riba in my humble opinion, makes the loan an act of charity such as charity and not a means of funding. This treatment (ie, loan) benefit only to the borrower and the lender's exposure to risk, where they will recover in, best, but its capital, was exposed to the risk of non-recovery of the entire capital of the borrower. It is our religion loan is better than charity because the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "I saw the night of family me at the gate of Paradise written: charity ten-fold, and the loan eighteen. I said: O Gabriel, what about the loan is better than charity? Said, because the liquid is asking and has, and the borrower does not Istkarz only need "(Narrated by Ibn Majah).

Prohibition of usury makes the loan process, then a non-profit, so Islamic banks adopt different approaches in funding. Approaches based on participation or Murabaha trade in allowance money that banks exercised usury. The philosophy of Islamic finance in many of the features and advantages. Perhaps most importantly, they make of goods or the project, which will be financed by the main criterion for acceptance of the Islamic Bank for the financing. With riba-based bank focuses primarily on the ability of the borrower to repay the capital loan and interest: if he is rich and able to repay the amount you want to borrow (against the mortgage of property or goods, for example), the bank loans the interest-based and low-interest easily. On this fundamental difference between the philosophies have several consequences, Nfsalha as follows:

1 - not the possibility of financing products forbidden:

Islamic banks are dealing with traders Murabaha or Ijara or participate, making it good for traders to buy and then sell them at a profit, or share them in their trade against the sharing of profit and loss. In both treatments can not be for the trader to trade in taboos such as alcohol or pork or gambling because the financial sponsor (Islamic Bank) can not be traded in a commodity because Islam is haram prevents him from it. On the other hand, finds no objection to riba-based bank lending to a rich merchant, trading in the taboo. What matters is the ability of riba-based bank to pay the merchant, not what he would do with money.
2 - promote equality between the contractor and the contractor, the rich in poor access to finance:
Islamic banks funded projects and investments and contracting by speculation or participation, rather than loans. So then the Islamic Bank partner for student finance a specific project, shared with him the profit and loss. This can not be approved by the Islamic Bank to finance the project unless the project is uncertain ability to succeed and make profits. So Vischr competencies and capabilities to study the project also requires proficiency in student funding. In the case of interest-based financing bank what matters primarily is the ability of students to repay the finance capital of the loan and interest. If the latter was rich, the bank is not interested in economical efficiency of the project or its owner, because the borrower is essential to ensure the bank is essential not to lose.

Through this difference in standards, we can conclude that the Islamic Bank is equal to the contractors rich and poor in access to finance, because what matters is the bank's profitability of the project and not the physical condition of Dahbh. On the other hand facilitate the bank's interest-based Tax Office on the rich to get richer and the funding Vyazdadon richer. The difference between the two standards, this financing, the Islamic Bank makes deal with a wider segment of investors and contractors compared with riba-based bank, which focuses its dealings with the rich. This contributes to the Islamic Bank in the development of the economy, more than interest-based counterpart. Vtamoalat first distributed to a larger number of contractors and on smaller projects, which distributes wealth in a broader and larger, so the higher rates of development. Only economists, the SMEs usually produce greater economic growth of major companies. The distribution of wealth and lack of focus in the hands of a few people contribute effectively to increase the pace of growth.

3 - promoting transparency and reducing tax evasion:
Generally, all parties seeking economic - within the limits of reasonable and permissible - to achieve maximum profits and minimal losses. For example, when bank financing for a project, each seeks from the bank and the holder of the project is to maximize profits. Riba-based bank, interested in restoring its capital and interest, albeit at the expense of the bankruptcy of the project contractor. And contractor-funded care about interest-based loan repayment to be liberated from the control of the bank. If the objective of the contractor to achieve the greatest amount of wealth for himself, he resorted to permit profit less than the real profits of the project to evade tax. In the case of Islamic finance can not be of the Islamic Bank to reap a profit only if the project is profitable, so the bank's target to achieve the project the largest profit possible. To ensure a profit, watching the bank, during the entire period of the partnership, the contractor and the project. So go all the way through the Islamic Bank to the contractor to falsify profits (because that is not in favor of the banking institution), which contributes to the reduction of escape and evasion of taxation.
In the fight against corruption, Islamic finance can contribute to the reduction of endemic or epidemic in our country, namely the phenomenon of performance under the table in the trade of the property. In the case of asylum, for example declining to participate to the financing of the property, may be in the interest of acquiring the property that is not paid under the table to the seller.

Islamic finance contributing to automatically reduce corruption and tax evasion. They also contribute to the enhancement of transparency, since they are directly funded goods or projects to be funded, while it may lack transparency in the usury loans to persons or companies that do not know what to do Baltmwilat obtained.

By Maaz B. Kandil
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Creating Wealth Without Risk

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Nobel Prize in Economics 2011

Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011 for the Americans, Thomas J. Sargent and Christopher A. Sims.

Nobel Prize in Economics 2011

Awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics this year for Americans researchers in economics, Thomas Sargent is a professor in economics and business at the University of New York and Christopher Sims in Economics and Banking at the University of Princeton.

Researchers developed ways to answer questions about the causal relationship between economic policy and macroeconomic variables such as GDP, inflation, unemployment and investment.

Thomas Sargent


Committee chose Thomas Sargent to win this year's Nobel economics for his work on the in-depth macroeconomic structural analysis can be used to the constant changes to economic policies. And that can be applied to study the macroeconomic relations when families and businesses adjust their expectations in line with economic developments.

Christopher Sims


The method is based on Christopher Sims on the principle of self-regression and shows how the economy is affected by temporary changes in economic policies and other factors, such as the central bank to raise interest rates.

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Sanabel Microfinance Conference 2011

The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries "Sanabel" which will be Held Eighth Annual Microfinance Conference between 7th to 9th June 2011 in Jordan.

The theme of this year’s Microfinance conference will be Microfinance in the Arab Region: Challenges of the Past and Opportunities of the Future.

With more than six hundred participants will have the opportunity to learn from Guru panelists and share individual experiences through sessions, mini-trainings, and workshops designed under Three different tracks:

- Microfinance and Risk Management,
- Responsible Finance,
- Microfinance Products, 
- Development and  Innovation. 

The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries "Sanabel" is The Largest Microfinance Network in MENA, which was established in 2002 by 17 microfinance institutions from Seven Arab countries as a membership driven regional network of microfinance institutions in the Arab world.

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Do You Qualify for a Quick Cash Advance?

Everyone encounters times and situations where a cash advance would be useful, even essential. It might be just to make timely payments on bills. Or it could be to finance a business, such as to purchase inventory or secure an office or store space. Another use for a cash advance could be to purchase something for the home, or to pay for a celebration.

But if you are looking for a cash advance the natural question is, “Do I qualify for a quick cash advance ?” There are simple criteria by which you qualify for these advances:

Have a job – The cash advance is based on your regular income, not a credit score or collateral.
Be a resident of the U.K. – However, you can receive the money outside the U.K. if, for example, you are travelling
Be 18 years of age or older
Have a valid bank account – This is where you would receive a direct deposit and provide an electronic debit

Of course, these easy criteria come with some restrictions and warnings. One is that you be prepared to repay the quick cash advance loan within about 30 days. It is meant to be a short-term loan and should always be regarded as such. Another is you use the money with some sense of purpose and forward advancement.

Where to go for a quick cash advance
There have always been store locations where a cash advance loan against a paycheque could be transacted. But the Internet has thoroughly modernized the industry, making access and the time involved much, much easier.

Online quick cash advance loans cut about two hours out of the process. The better providers not only provide fairer interest rates, but also kinder repayment terms that adapt to the needs of the borrower. One such cash advance provider, QuickQuid, outlines in clear terms your repayment options, which include paying it back in one or two pay periods, with further extensions also possible.

MasterCard Management Scholarships

The MasterCard Foundation will be providing MCF Management Scholarships for MFI Managers from Developing Countries to attend the 17th Annual Boulder Microfinance Training Program. This Program is held at the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) from July 18th through August 5th, 2011.

Celebrating 16 years of excellence, The Boulder Institute of Microfinance once again brings its renowned faculty and thought-provoking course offerings to the Boulder MFT in Turin, Italy.

This program offers a space for reflection and analysis dedicated exclusively to sustainable microfinance training where participants and world-renowned faculty are brought together to discuss and analyze issues surrounding Microfinance. This is an excellent opportunity for learning, dialogue, and debate with expert faculty and microfinance professionals from all over the world.

Source: Mix

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Islamic Loans

Islamic Loan
Islamic loans is Free interest loans are based on its profit-sharing and participation. The growth of Islamic Banking and non-effects significantly the global financial crisis has increased the financial surpluses of the Islamic banks, especially the Gulf countries, which necessitated these banks to find appropriate funding of Islamic law.
Islamic banking Know growth significantly in recent years due to its steel, which is based on Islamic law, where the sector is the further development in Arab Maghreb countries, which is the opening of more Islamic banks as provided by this market a lot of liquidity, in Morocco, for example, was opened the first Islamic bank "Bank Assafaa Islamic" Group's Attijari wafa bank.

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Microcredit Banks in Morocco

There are Two Microfinance Banks in Morocco, The Banque Populaire Foundation for Microcredit (FBPMC) and Credit Agricole Microcredit "ARDI Foundation":

- The Banque Populaire Foundation for Microcredit (FBPMC): was established September 6, 1999.
It is an Institution nonprofit governed by the Dahir of 15 November 1958 (regulating the right of association) and Law 18/97 on the performance of the activity of microcredit. It is an answer citizen of Groupe Banque Populaire, which aims to effectively contribute, alongside the state and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), national effort to fight poverty and unemployment and to promote employment.

On 1st March 2000, the FBPMC received approval from the Ministry of Economy and Finance to conduct the activity of microcredit. Its object is essentially:

* Distributing microcredits to enable the economically
low to create or develop their own productive activity or service,
to ensure their integration into the economy overall.
* Carry the benefit of its customers, all associated operations relating to the granting microcredits, including training, consulting and technical assistance.

The approach combines the proximity Foundation, funding, coaching, training and monitoring of micro-entrepreneur.
The network of Banque Populaire Fondataion For MicroCredit currently consists of
219branches and distributed antennas travers12 regional supervision.

The establishment of new branches has been accompanied by the recruitment of new officers.
The actual network has reached 833 officers, while the effective seat was 116 components, a comprehensive emotional 949 (44% men and 56% women).

- ARDI Foundation: was established in 2001 as an association of economic and social profit. Its mission is to fight against financial exclusion and promote micro-enterprises particularly in rural areas, through the exercise and the promotion of micro credit.

With a new logo, a new organization and new ambitions, the Foundation ARDI is an extension of the activity of the Credit Agricole Morocco to the rural population not served by traditional bank financing.

ARDI gives poor local services necessary for their socioeconomic integration, investing space and closer to people who need it even in the remotest areas.

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Equitas Microfinance in India

Equitas Microfinance
Equitas is Microfinance institution in India, their Objective is extending microfinance to the poor who are otherwise unable to access finance from the Commercial banking in India.

"Equitas Microfinance" provided many microfinance products like Loan for business expansion, Loan for starting business ,To repay the high interest borrowing, Loan consolidation and Education.

Equitas has achieved more than 1 Million customers, his partners is Life Insurance Corporation of India and Microsave.

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Microfinance Products in Morocco

Morocco is one of the pioneers in the microfinance industry in the Arab world where Provide microfinance associations in Morocco, three types of Products:

1 - Solidarity loans:

known as the group solidarity apply the principle of solidarity among themselves, so that in case of failure to perform the due payment by an individual belongs to the same group is imperative for the rest of the group and Iwduha him. The group consists of 3 to 5 individuals - according to all the Assembly - and, in solidarity loan does not request any guarantees, but the only guarantee is the same group, ranging in value of loans granted between 1000 to 30000DHs period of time between 3 and 18 months, and is satisfied premiums loan on a semi-monthly or monthly.

2 - Individual loans :

Go and this type of loan at the beginning of 2006 and the reverse loan solidarity must be having a specific guarantees to benefit from this type of loan and can generally distinguish between the inside two types:

- Individual loan-oriented small businesses :

Is a loan intended for small businesses and micro enterprises for the development of their projects and business plans and small loans range in value between 1000 to 50000 dirhams in the time period between 6 months to 5 years. This type of loan should provide specific guarantees one Calcgel commercial or personal guarantees (such as the monthly wage ...).
In terms of the special conditions that must be provided in the beneficiary: it is to be the holder of entrepreneurship, and to be the capital of the latter than the predecessor.

-  Housing Loans:

Started work in recent years is directed to those who wanted to improve the residence, repair, or to link housing connected to drinking water, or electricity, ranging from the value of loans granted between 1000 to 50000 dirhams in the time period between 6 months and 7 years. The request is specific guarantees as collateral furniture for home or personal guarantees or to ensure a relative. These are the various financial services provided by microcredit associations in Morocco, in addition to the specific safeguards that should be available to take advantage of individual loan, which is in the development in Morocco since its inception in 2006, and to reduce the hardness in the performance of their clients, and the risk of debt recovery as well as financial services, Association provides microcredit, Morocco, non-financial services in parallel to the beneficiaries, such as training programs, guidance and counseling them through the field agents who are tracking the project, in addition to marketing the products of customer service at the regional level or national level, through the establishment of special exhibitions in this regard, we note In this regard, the "TASWIK" of the AL-AMANA, which was launched in 2008, which helps more than 200 customers in the industry of traditional marketing to sell their products, contributing to poverty alleviation.

3- Microinsurance Products :

is Modern Products in Microfinance in Morocco Like death and disability insurance and personal accident insurance, at 2 Euro (per year per product, and should cover the beneficiaries of microloans, up then do not qualify for hedge risks.

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Social Business Definition

Social Business
In recent times spread a new concept is linked to the microfinance industry, is "social business" concept, to learn more about this new concept take a look at the Wikipedia definition:

A social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address a social objective. The profits are used to expand the company’s reach and improve the product/service. This model exists in some countries (Italy and others), but has recently been revived from the work of Muhammad Yunus and others.

Social business is a cause-driven business. In a
social business, the investors/owners can gradually recoup the money invested, but cannot take any dividend beyond that point. Purpose of the investment is purely to achieve one or more social objectives through the operation of the company, no personal monetary gain is desired by the investors. The company must cover all costs and make revenue, at the same time achieve the social objective, such as, healthcare for the poor, housing for the poor, financial services for the poor, nutrition for malnourished children, providing safe drinking water, introducing renewable energy, etc. in a business way.

The impact of the business on people or environment, rather than the amount of profit made in a given period measures the success of social business. Sustainability of the company indicates that it is running as a business. The objective of the company is to achieve social goals.

Source: Wikipedia

What is Microinsurance

Microinsurance is a financial services geared to low-income people to face various risks of life, such as contagious, and death caused by accidents, disability, loss of property due to theft or fire, and the loss of agricultural crops, natural disasters and disasters resulting from man-made. The poor are more of these risks than other people, knowing that they are least able to adapt in the event of any crisis.

MicroInsurance is one of the smaller ways in which to provide poor protection against these risks. It is by helping low-income families to manage the risks and difficulties they faced, the microinsurance can assist them in that they have a sense of financial confidence even in the face of major weaknesses.

Microfinance MicroInsurance in Morocco

The ‎microinsurance is modern products in the microfinance industry in the Arab world. In Morocco, the "Inmaa" is the first microcredit institution that provides microfinance services to its clients.

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Support Muhammad Yunus

More than 12 Microfinance institutions and organizations signed An Open Letter in Support of Dr. Muhammad Yunus. A Bangladeshi court on Tuesday upheld an order removing Yunus as head of Grameen Bank.

Open Letter:
"Muhammad Yunus has diligently served the poor for decades. No one has done more to inspire generations to work to reduce poverty.

We are increasingly concerned and dismayed with the troubles Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus is facing in Bangladesh. As we understand it, the Government of Bangladesh is resorting to technicalities to remove Dr. Yunus from the Grameen Bank, without presentation through legitimate and transparent legal processes of any evidence of wrong-doing.

We deeply deplore this lack of justice and unproven allegations that not only impugn Dr. Yunus' character and the integrity of his flagship bank, but reach much further. Forced removal creates unnecessary risk for the more than 8 million borrowers-owners of the bank. The Government of Bangladesh previously had respect for the bank's independence as a majority client-owned microfinance institution; it is our sincere hope that a return to the status quo can be made quickly.

Dr. Yunus has played a seminal role in the development and recognition of microfinance -- the provision of small, working-capital loans and other financial services for the entrepreneurial poor. He has our strong support, and our wishes for a just and speedy resolution to this sad turn of events."


Calvert Foundation
Co-Operative Bank
Freedom From Hunger
Grameen Foundation
Grassroots Capital
Microvest Fund
Opportunity International
Pro Mujer
Triple Jump
Visionfund International
Women's World Banking

Muhammad Yunus Out Grammen Bank

 Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus Out Grammen Bank According to the Wall Street Journal, the court has removal of Muhammad Yunus as managing director of the Grameen Bank.

And is Microfinance Guru Muhammad Yunus the founding father of microcredit programs, one of the financial innovations that have arisen with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which was founded in 1976 as a project to turn later to the Bank of specialists in the year 1983, the most famous microcredit programs in the world , where the proportion of women constitute more than 90%, with the rate of recovery of loans amounting to more than 95% , and in this regard, Muhammad Yunus was awarded this status with his Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize in October 13, 2006 by the Swedish Academy in recognition of greeted the visit to the fight against poverty.

Rachid AJMAL
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Can Micro Insurance Protect the Poor

Low-cost insurance that covers the lives, health and property of the poor could provide protection against natural disasters.
In December 2010 devastating flooding in Colombia killed more than 200 people and left 1.7 million homeless. The damage caused was catastrophic, with 628 cities and towns hit by floodwaters, over 1,800 homes destroyed and a further 256,000 damaged.

Like the victims of most natural disasters across the world, the vast majority of those who lost relatives, homes and belongings, many of them poor farmers living in isolated rural areas, will receive no compensation for their losses and will have to rebuild their lives from scratch.

With the floods largely ignored by the international community, government assistance patchy and slow, and aid agencies struggling to fill the void, Colombia's insurance agencies are saying they can provide a much-needed safety net for when the rains return.

Microinsurance, low-cost insurance policies that cover the lives, health, crops and property of the most vulnerable, are being seen as a central way of providing social protection to the increasing numbers of people affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and drought.

A recent report by the German insurance giant Munich Re calculated that 2010 was the second worst year for disasters since 1980. It reported that 950 global catastrophes had amounted to overall losses of around $130bn. Of this, only around $37bn was insured. For example, only 1% of the $14bn of property damage caused by Haiti's massive earthquake was covered by insurance.

At the Bonn climate change talks in 2008, microinsurance was touted as a central component of climate change adaptation measures in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Yet while microinsurance has seen increasing success in Africa and Asia, it has so far failed to make significant inroads into the Latin American market. But this could be changing.

The Colombian offices of insurance companies such as Liberty and ESA have told journalists that they are seeing a spike in the number of people taking out microinsurance policies. ESA says it is selling more than 60,000 microinsurance policies a month, mostly health , for around $1 a month.

There are hopes that microinsurance could offer some form of social protection in other countries across the region. A government-backed scheme run by Peruvian insurance company La Positiva targets over one-third of Peru's 9 million rural population, offering micro-life insurance at a marginal cost of the income generated by a family's annual harvest.

The cost of the insurance, which is between $0.5 and $2 a month, is added to the water irrigation price already paid by the farmers. Brazil and Mexico have also been identified as huge markets for growth, with millions of potential customers.

Yet despite the buzz surrounding microinsurance, the industry's reach is still limited. The 150 million people currently holding policies represent only a small fraction (around 5%) of a potential market of up to 3 billion.

Unlike microfinance programmes that provide people with instant cash, the insurance industry has so far struggled to overcome the simple problem of trying to ask poor people to pay for something they might never use.

Richard Leftley, the chief executive of UK-based MicroEnsure, one of the leading microinsurance companies, says that it has all but scraped the idea of trying to sell policies direct. He says turning up in towns and villages and asking poor families to buy insurance simply doesn't work. "Trying to explain to someone with no prior experience of insurance that if you pay even just a little bit every month then someone will pay you back if your crops failed or your child is hospitalised is often met with a perfectly understandable 'yeah right' response," he says.

Instead, the industry is evolving, with many policies now being sold as add-ons to products and brands that people already use and trust. For example, MicroEnsure says it is now conducting most of its business in Africa through partnerships with mobile phone companies.

Phone companies trying to get people to stop using multiple sim cards and stay loyal to one air-time provider are offering life or health and disaster insurance as an incentive. People who buy credit for one month get a month's worth of insurance at no extra cost.

Other obstacles are also stunting the potential of microinsurance as a widely used financial service for those vulnerable to natural disasters.

Weather-based claims have proved tricky. Microinsurance companies have had to dictate levels of rainfall as a way of setting limits for claims. Leftley says problems have occurred when these limits haven't quite been reached yet farmers still believed their crops had been damaged and expected compensation.

Major insurance firms are still being put off entering the market because microinsurance claims have to have few, if any, exclusions. Claims have to be paid almost instantly. It only takes one company to fail to pay out to its customers for years of fragile trust-building to be destroyed in an instant.

Yet Leftley believes microinsurance's time has come. He points to the increasing backlash against microfinance as a "fix-all" solution to poverty as stories mount of families being put under unbearable and devastating pressure to pay back microfinance debts.

"I think credit has been seen as the easy solution for global poverty, and the micro-finance industry has been drinking its own Kool-Aid for a bit too long," he says. "While credit is the best option in some situations, people are starting to realise that there are other options – and this can only be good for the microinsurance industry."

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Source: Guardian

Dar Assafaa First Islamic Bank in Morocco

"Dar Assafaa" is First Islamic financial Institution in Morocco, The Governor of Bank Al-Maghrib approved Dar Assafaa on 13 May 2010 as islamic finance company specialising in the marketing of islamic finance.

"Dar Assafaa" is a subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank, capitalised at MAD 50 million ($5.7 million).
The Under the brand "Dar Assafaa" , the company will market a range of Shari'ah-compliant financing, referred to as ‘alternative’ . The first four products, available through a network of nine branches, are based on Murabaha contracts and include:

- Safaa Immo: to finance real estate projects
- Safaa Auto: vehicle finance
- Safaa Cons: for the purchase of products and services
- Safaa Tajhiz: to equip your home

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Global Microcredit Summit in Spain

The Global Microcredit Summit in Valladolid, Spain will be the 15th global or regional summit organized by the Microcredit Summit Campaign.

The purpose of the 2011 Global Microcredit Summit is to encourage practitioners and other stakeholders to use microfinance as a means towards ending global poverty.

This summit brings together microcredit practitioners, educators, lawyers, NGOs, international financial institutions in connection with microcredit to exchange best practices and share their knowledge of microfinance.

This summit aims to develop the standard of living of the poorest families in the world, and specifically targets women.

The first microcredit campaign was launched in 1997 and managed to achieve the goals set in 2006, as a campaign of 9 years.

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Sixth Conference of the Islamic banks in Damascus

Embraces the Syrian capital Damascus sixth Conference of the banks and Islamic financial institutions in 24.25 May 2011, will shed light on the performance of Islamic banking industry and to identify factors for success in the global market.

Discuss and debate how to create an enabling environment for further expansion and growth of Islamic banking and recent developments in banking supervision systems and the challenges faced by banks and Islamic financial institutions.
The conference provides a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas with specialists in the Islamic banking industry and to listen to multiple perspectives on the most important issues of Islamic finance at the present time.

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International Conference on Islamic Business and Finance

An International level conference conducted at Islamabad with the name and topic of "Present state and the Way forward Islamic" conference of international Level on Islamic Business and Finance which is ICIB 2011 and ICIB 2011 will be organized on February 8 to February 9, 2011.

With around eleven hundred institutions and assets of US $ one trillion, Islamic finance is now an important part of the global financial system. The scope and range of both Islamic finance and business remains to be further explored and scrutinized. Beyond the recurrent financial instabilities, the Islamic system is promising in tackling various other challenges related to government finances, deepening of financial markets, or narrowing the socio economic disparities. Central however to the sustenance and further success of Islamic finance is the need to gear it with Islamic business practices and to strictly observe its original contours of Equity, Justice, and Transparency. The Conference therefore aims at discussing the present state of Islamic business and finance and how and in what way the same can contribute to the stability of and provide opportunities to the national and global economies.

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