Nobel Prize in Economics 2011

Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011 for the Americans, Thomas J. Sargent and Christopher A. Sims.

Nobel Prize in Economics 2011

Awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics this year for Americans researchers in economics, Thomas Sargent is a professor in economics and business at the University of New York and Christopher Sims in Economics and Banking at the University of Princeton.

Researchers developed ways to answer questions about the causal relationship between economic policy and macroeconomic variables such as GDP, inflation, unemployment and investment.

Thomas Sargent


Committee chose Thomas Sargent to win this year's Nobel economics for his work on the in-depth macroeconomic structural analysis can be used to the constant changes to economic policies. And that can be applied to study the macroeconomic relations when families and businesses adjust their expectations in line with economic developments.

Christopher Sims


The method is based on Christopher Sims on the principle of self-regression and shows how the economy is affected by temporary changes in economic policies and other factors, such as the central bank to raise interest rates.

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