15% Of The World's Population Living Below The Poverty Line

15% Of The World's Population Living Below The Poverty Line Although the world's production of food enough for all human beings average of 2720 calories per person per day , but there are 842 million people suffering from hunger every day !


Says Dr. Magdy Badran , Ain Shams University , said that recent studies show that one out of every four children under five suffer stunted because of malnutrition ! ! There are also 2 million people lack the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

In celebrations of the world International Day of feed must be stressed that there is what is known as " hungry world ," a lack of adequate food for active and healthy life and during the twentieth century , died about 70 million people from starvation all over the world , especially in China and the Soviet Union , India and Africa.

There are currently nearly 1 billion people , or 15 % of the estimated world population of 6.8 billion live under the mantle of chronic hunger.

Dr. Magdy shows that the majority of people suffering from malnutrition live in developing countries , and more than 70 % of children who suffer from malnutrition live in Asia , 26 % in Africa and 4 % in Latin America and the Caribbean .

It is strange that in the United States is a rich country , there is a 13 % live within the confines of the permanent hunger and nearly 25% of American children there do not have any food in dinner , or about 17 million children .


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