Archives: May 2010

Sanabel Microfinance Conference

The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries "Sanabel" organize the Seventh Annual Microfinance Conference, in June 1st - 3rd, 2010 at the Convention Palace in Damascus, Syria.
The theme of this year’s conference will be “Responsible Growth: Learning from Global Trends and Regional Experiences”.

Over the course of three days, more than five hundred participants will have the opportunity to learn from expert panelists and share individual experiences through sessions, mini-trainings, and workshops designed under four different tracks; namely, “Responsible Finance”, “Investment Readiness”, “Increasing Outreach while Maintaining Quality” and “Enabling Policies and Regulation”.

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Algeria plans to allow Islamic banking

 Bank of Algeria
The Algerian government plans to amend the law on the organization of bank lending, and in order to allow national banks to provide banking services commensurate with the provisions of Islamic Law.

In order to enable a wide range of private citizens and small and medium enterprises to benefit from financial products of various raised in the financial arena, as well as enable the national economy from the potential high savings are available and which are not exploited because of alienated a large segment of society from dealing with other banks.
It should be noted that Tunisia is the Maghreb country in which the only Islamic banks.

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PlaNet Finance Launched a project for renewable energy

PlaNet Finance
PlaNet Finance and its partners are launching with the support of the European Union and the SGP's Fund for World Environment UNDP Morocco, FREEME project to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in Morocco and Egypt through microfinance.

The program FREEME (Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Morocco and Egypt) aims to support the development, access and sustainable use of renewable energy and energy efficiency services through the Microfinance in the two countries.

The project should benefit FREEME 4800 people in both countries and raise awareness about 2,400 microentrepreneurs and low income households.

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