The Growth of Islamic Banks

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A sign of experts in Islamic finance sector the growth of Islamic banks in the Arab world by rising market share of Islamic banks by 15%  in the year 2013 at the level of the Arab states because of the large and growing demand by customers to these banks.

The expert added, Fouad Muhaisin that the current figures for the growth of the size of the Islamic banking sector exceeded all expectations in previous years to grow to over 25 per cent.

The Muhaisin to "The global financial crisis that hit in the countries of the world, especially in the United States of America and Europe, which observed its implications in various Arab countries pushed dealers to the selection of Islamic banks is based on the foundations of banking which led to the collapse of a number of banks such as the sale of religion and others. "

Muhaisin noted that many Arab countries began to shift to a system of Islamic banking as a result of the Arab revolutions or what has become known as the Arab spring, such as the banking system, the Libyan, Egyptian and Tunisian is expected to occur Syria. "

And move for the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, Wisam Fattouh forecast that the next phase is witnessing a dramatic rise in the Islamic banking system, the end of 2013 of up to 40 per cent of total banking assets Arabic.

The report forecasts that up Fattouh, the total assets of banks operating in the Arab countries to $ 2.6 trillion in value of the assets of Islamic banks, of which about $ 1.2 trillion.

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