Microfinance in Morocco: a promising market for NICT providers

ALAMANA The most impotant Microfinance Institutions in Morocco
The Moroccan Microfinance industry is important and becoming increasingly sophisticated; nevertheless, the demand for financial and non-financial services is far from being entirely met. Leading actors seek new solutions and technologies to: cut their costs, improve the quality of their services, and be more competitive.

• With 1.24 million clients, the microfinance sector in Morocco is the most developed one in the MENA region. Leading Moroccan microcredit institutions are ranked among the top 20 biggest microfinance institutions in the world. Nevertheless, the microfinance sector has a great growth potential in this region: currently, only 25% of the demand is met.

• The Moroccan microfinance industry is at a turning point: several leading microcredit institutions are considering their conversion into regulated financial institutions.

Moroccan microcredit institutions and banks are profitable and well-structured, as well as interested in adopting new solutions and processes so as to be more competitive. Innovative technology is a key factor in their strategy for service-differentiation.

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