Archives: September 2010

African Conference Microfinance in Ghana

Ghana will host African Conference Microfinance in October 2010, with the development of effective access to finance for small businesses in the continent, and the conference will be held under the theme "Access to financial services - Reaching the Excluded".
Participants will discuss issues such as the promotion of access to finance through technical means and the protection of clients of microfinance, microinsurance, and innovative ways to mobilize savings and interest rates.

The conference brings together officials of African governments., Development partners and representatives of funding institutions on the continent
The conference is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance of Ghana in collaboration with local financing institutions and NGOs, finance companies and rural banks and cooperative.

The African Network for Microfinance "AFMIN" regional organization for the sub-Saharan Africa including networks at the State level and was founded for the development of efficient financial services. And permanent financing for the poor in Africa.

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