Profit Monopoly Review Is Gold Still a Safe Haven For Investors?

Profit Monopoly Review Is Gold Still a Safe Haven For Investors? Profit Monopoly Review will share with The Full Truth About Profit Monopoly App.

Derivatives of gold and was one of the most heavily traded financial instruments in the global markets , especially after the difficulties faced by the global economy during the recession in 2008. The reverse impact of this financial and economic crisis represents in the rush of investors towards the so - called safe-haven assets and loss - free investments . Quarterly Profit Monopoly report for the industry during the second quarter of 2013 extensively discussed the situation of the gold market and gold-storage impacts on trading activities in financial derivatives sector .

The attractiveness of the yellow metal amid a variety of sectors investors the many mainly to what might be called a " shelter " provided to investors. In addition, the emerging market countries such as China and India are at the forefront of consumers and producers of gold , which in turn support of trading volumes and values ​​and, consequently, investor interest in working in the sector of derivatives of gold.

The yellow metal was one of the best performing financial instruments since the crisis of the global recession in 2008 , and as a result the standard price levels recorded in the period subsequent to the investors has increased significantly motivation to acquire the precious metal. Gold prices had exceeded the psychological level of $ 1,900 an ounce in August 2011, which in turn boosted gold 's position as one of the assets that will generate attractive returns for investors. In addition , one of the aspects of the powerful effects brought about by the strong performance of the metal was in the cash flows to ETFs in gold (ETFs) as well as increase the volume of trading on the yellow metal , whether contracts listed on the stock exchange or the OTC (OTC).

Increased volatility was one of the most prominent factors that have supported the activity of the gold market , despite the impact he had on what seems counterproductive raised through this year after landing the labor market . Gold prices recorded in April 2013 its biggest daily loss since 30 years , which brought a strong reaction from investors was to reduce the assets held by large investment funds traded in gold , such as SPDR and iShares.


The Asian continent has become one of the most closely in all regions what is going on in the world of the yellow metal , which is mainly due to the religious traditions and communities. India , which is considered the world 's largest consumer of gold and includes one of the largest jewelery market , has become a significant impact on trade both in incising metal material or financial derivatives sector . India Commodity Exchange MCX multiple , which is considered one of the most prominent leading commodity trading centers in the world are classified as other are among the top gold trading markets in terms of liquidity and trading volume .

Many Asian markets also encouraged investors to participate through entice them to invest in gold futures contracts . Thailand was among the most prominent example of this is where the main bourse proceeded to provide a service trading gold futures , which according to him disclosed the stock market is now experiencing significant growth in the volume of contracts traded .

Report Profit Monopoly Review quarterly on the status of the industry during the third quarter , includes an analysis and detailed comprehensive about QIR3_Logo-254x300 largest gold markets and most liquid , both those that provide trading services through the stock exchange or outside the cabin, as well as conducting a thorough investigation on the leading countries in the field of forex trading with Profit Monopoly  accompanied by a review of regional to the conditions of each area separately. As gold , like other commodities , one of the tools hedge against inflation , the strong performance of the yellow metal since 2008 and stability at a number of key resistance levels gives the signal that the metal will retain among investors during the coming period .


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