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Microcredit Banks in Morocco

There are Two Microfinance Banks in Morocco, The Banque Populaire Foundation for Microcredit (FBPMC) and Credit Agricole Microcredit "ARDI Foundation":

- The Banque Populaire Foundation for Microcredit (FBPMC): was established September 6, 1999.
It is an Institution nonprofit governed by the Dahir of 15 November 1958 (regulating the right of association) and Law 18/97 on the performance of the activity of microcredit. It is an answer citizen of Groupe Banque Populaire, which aims to effectively contribute, alongside the state and other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), national effort to fight poverty and unemployment and to promote employment.

On 1st March 2000, the FBPMC received approval from the Ministry of Economy and Finance to conduct the activity of microcredit. Its object is essentially:

* Distributing microcredits to enable the economically
low to create or develop their own productive activity or service,
to ensure their integration into the economy overall.
* Carry the benefit of its customers, all associated operations relating to the granting microcredits, including training, consulting and technical assistance.

The approach combines the proximity Foundation, funding, coaching, training and monitoring of micro-entrepreneur.
The network of Banque Populaire Fondataion For MicroCredit currently consists of
219branches and distributed antennas travers12 regional supervision.

The establishment of new branches has been accompanied by the recruitment of new officers.
The actual network has reached 833 officers, while the effective seat was 116 components, a comprehensive emotional 949 (44% men and 56% women).

- ARDI Foundation: was established in 2001 as an association of economic and social profit. Its mission is to fight against financial exclusion and promote micro-enterprises particularly in rural areas, through the exercise and the promotion of micro credit.

With a new logo, a new organization and new ambitions, the Foundation ARDI is an extension of the activity of the Credit Agricole Morocco to the rural population not served by traditional bank financing.

ARDI gives poor local services necessary for their socioeconomic integration, investing space and closer to people who need it even in the remotest areas.

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Equitas Microfinance in India

Equitas Microfinance
Equitas is Microfinance institution in India, their Objective is extending microfinance to the poor who are otherwise unable to access finance from the Commercial banking in India.

"Equitas Microfinance" provided many microfinance products like Loan for business expansion, Loan for starting business ,To repay the high interest borrowing, Loan consolidation and Education.

Equitas has achieved more than 1 Million customers, his partners is Life Insurance Corporation of India and Microsave.

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Microfinance Products in Morocco

Morocco is one of the pioneers in the microfinance industry in the Arab world where Provide microfinance associations in Morocco, three types of Products:

1 - Solidarity loans:

known as the group solidarity apply the principle of solidarity among themselves, so that in case of failure to perform the due payment by an individual belongs to the same group is imperative for the rest of the group and Iwduha him. The group consists of 3 to 5 individuals - according to all the Assembly - and, in solidarity loan does not request any guarantees, but the only guarantee is the same group, ranging in value of loans granted between 1000 to 30000DHs period of time between 3 and 18 months, and is satisfied premiums loan on a semi-monthly or monthly.

2 - Individual loans :

Go and this type of loan at the beginning of 2006 and the reverse loan solidarity must be having a specific guarantees to benefit from this type of loan and can generally distinguish between the inside two types:

- Individual loan-oriented small businesses :

Is a loan intended for small businesses and micro enterprises for the development of their projects and business plans and small loans range in value between 1000 to 50000 dirhams in the time period between 6 months to 5 years. This type of loan should provide specific guarantees one Calcgel commercial or personal guarantees (such as the monthly wage ...).
In terms of the special conditions that must be provided in the beneficiary: it is to be the holder of entrepreneurship, and to be the capital of the latter than the predecessor.

-  Housing Loans:

Started work in recent years is directed to those who wanted to improve the residence, repair, or to link housing connected to drinking water, or electricity, ranging from the value of loans granted between 1000 to 50000 dirhams in the time period between 6 months and 7 years. The request is specific guarantees as collateral furniture for home or personal guarantees or to ensure a relative. These are the various financial services provided by microcredit associations in Morocco, in addition to the specific safeguards that should be available to take advantage of individual loan, which is in the development in Morocco since its inception in 2006, and to reduce the hardness in the performance of their clients, and the risk of debt recovery as well as financial services, Association provides microcredit, Morocco, non-financial services in parallel to the beneficiaries, such as training programs, guidance and counseling them through the field agents who are tracking the project, in addition to marketing the products of customer service at the regional level or national level, through the establishment of special exhibitions in this regard, we note In this regard, the "TASWIK" of the AL-AMANA, which was launched in 2008, which helps more than 200 customers in the industry of traditional marketing to sell their products, contributing to poverty alleviation.

3- Microinsurance Products :

is Modern Products in Microfinance in Morocco Like death and disability insurance and personal accident insurance, at 2 Euro (per year per product, and should cover the beneficiaries of microloans, up then do not qualify for hedge risks.

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Social Business Definition

Social Business
In recent times spread a new concept is linked to the microfinance industry, is "social business" concept, to learn more about this new concept take a look at the Wikipedia definition:

A social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed to address a social objective. The profits are used to expand the company’s reach and improve the product/service. This model exists in some countries (Italy and others), but has recently been revived from the work of Muhammad Yunus and others.

Social business is a cause-driven business. In a
social business, the investors/owners can gradually recoup the money invested, but cannot take any dividend beyond that point. Purpose of the investment is purely to achieve one or more social objectives through the operation of the company, no personal monetary gain is desired by the investors. The company must cover all costs and make revenue, at the same time achieve the social objective, such as, healthcare for the poor, housing for the poor, financial services for the poor, nutrition for malnourished children, providing safe drinking water, introducing renewable energy, etc. in a business way.

The impact of the business on people or environment, rather than the amount of profit made in a given period measures the success of social business. Sustainability of the company indicates that it is running as a business. The objective of the company is to achieve social goals.

Source: Wikipedia

What is Microinsurance

Microinsurance is a financial services geared to low-income people to face various risks of life, such as contagious, and death caused by accidents, disability, loss of property due to theft or fire, and the loss of agricultural crops, natural disasters and disasters resulting from man-made. The poor are more of these risks than other people, knowing that they are least able to adapt in the event of any crisis.

MicroInsurance is one of the smaller ways in which to provide poor protection against these risks. It is by helping low-income families to manage the risks and difficulties they faced, the microinsurance can assist them in that they have a sense of financial confidence even in the face of major weaknesses.

Microfinance MicroInsurance in Morocco

The ‎microinsurance is modern products in the microfinance industry in the Arab world. In Morocco, the "Inmaa" is the first microcredit institution that provides microfinance services to its clients.

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Support Muhammad Yunus

More than 12 Microfinance institutions and organizations signed An Open Letter in Support of Dr. Muhammad Yunus. A Bangladeshi court on Tuesday upheld an order removing Yunus as head of Grameen Bank.

Open Letter:
"Muhammad Yunus has diligently served the poor for decades. No one has done more to inspire generations to work to reduce poverty.

We are increasingly concerned and dismayed with the troubles Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus is facing in Bangladesh. As we understand it, the Government of Bangladesh is resorting to technicalities to remove Dr. Yunus from the Grameen Bank, without presentation through legitimate and transparent legal processes of any evidence of wrong-doing.

We deeply deplore this lack of justice and unproven allegations that not only impugn Dr. Yunus' character and the integrity of his flagship bank, but reach much further. Forced removal creates unnecessary risk for the more than 8 million borrowers-owners of the bank. The Government of Bangladesh previously had respect for the bank's independence as a majority client-owned microfinance institution; it is our sincere hope that a return to the status quo can be made quickly.

Dr. Yunus has played a seminal role in the development and recognition of microfinance -- the provision of small, working-capital loans and other financial services for the entrepreneurial poor. He has our strong support, and our wishes for a just and speedy resolution to this sad turn of events."


Calvert Foundation
Co-Operative Bank
Freedom From Hunger
Grameen Foundation
Grassroots Capital
Microvest Fund
Opportunity International
Pro Mujer
Triple Jump
Visionfund International
Women's World Banking

Muhammad Yunus Out Grammen Bank

 Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus Out Grammen Bank According to the Wall Street Journal, the court has removal of Muhammad Yunus as managing director of the Grameen Bank.

And is Microfinance Guru Muhammad Yunus the founding father of microcredit programs, one of the financial innovations that have arisen with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which was founded in 1976 as a project to turn later to the Bank of specialists in the year 1983, the most famous microcredit programs in the world , where the proportion of women constitute more than 90%, with the rate of recovery of loans amounting to more than 95% , and in this regard, Muhammad Yunus was awarded this status with his Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize in October 13, 2006 by the Swedish Academy in recognition of greeted the visit to the fight against poverty.

Rachid AJMAL
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