What is Microinsurance

Microinsurance is a financial services geared to low-income people to face various risks of life, such as contagious, and death caused by accidents, disability, loss of property due to theft or fire, and the loss of agricultural crops, natural disasters and disasters resulting from man-made. The poor are more of these risks than other people, knowing that they are least able to adapt in the event of any crisis.

MicroInsurance is one of the smaller ways in which to provide poor protection against these risks. It is by helping low-income families to manage the risks and difficulties they faced, the microinsurance can assist them in that they have a sense of financial confidence even in the face of major weaknesses.

Microfinance MicroInsurance in Morocco

The ‎microinsurance is modern products in the microfinance industry in the Arab world. In Morocco, the "Inmaa" is the first microcredit institution that provides microfinance services to its clients.

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