Muhammad Yunus Out Grammen Bank

 Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus Out Grammen Bank According to the Wall Street Journal, the court has removal of Muhammad Yunus as managing director of the Grameen Bank.

And is Microfinance Guru Muhammad Yunus the founding father of microcredit programs, one of the financial innovations that have arisen with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, which was founded in 1976 as a project to turn later to the Bank of specialists in the year 1983, the most famous microcredit programs in the world , where the proportion of women constitute more than 90%, with the rate of recovery of loans amounting to more than 95% , and in this regard, Muhammad Yunus was awarded this status with his Grameen Bank, Nobel Peace Prize in October 13, 2006 by the Swedish Academy in recognition of greeted the visit to the fight against poverty.

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