Microfinance in Morocco: Zakoura Fondation

Zakoura fondation

Zakoura fondation (microcredit) the second most important microcredit association in Morocco, It was created in 1995 from a Initiave Moroccan. It operates in urban, peri-urban and rural. This through a fifty performances, it employs 400 employees. The foundation lends mainly to the female population disadvantaged on the basis of a progressive social credit.
Zakoura Foundation was used to end in December 2008, 354 172 active clients, of which 67% are women.
Its funding sources are 70% formed grants and local donations. Thus the public funds dedicated to Hassan II economic and social development (funded by revenue from
privatization) is the main provider of funds with an amount of 3.5 million euros. The balance is covered by a great debt Concessional Moroccan banks. Furthermore, Zakoura has
forged productive links with many international funds (UNDP with the Micro Start program, the European Union, the USAID).
Zakoura microcredit is member in many network like FNAM, SANABEL, SAVE THE CHILDREN,and THE MIX MARKET .


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