Microfinance in Morocco: Small rise in loan interest

The proportion of interest in microcredit associations in Morocco, between 13% and 15% versus 8% to 9% for banks.
It appears from these figures, the interest rate for microloans too high, the banks themselves.
In fact, the interest rate remains the subject of controversy and debate between the various researchers and those interested in this sector at the global level, but in Morocco we find low compared with what it is in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Attributed this high rate of interest - according to sector actors - to serve the poor and access to them in villages and remote places, and this requires the equipment and human capital, technical, cost the association a lot of money.
However, it must reduce this figure to be in line with the situation Alsosioajtmaip for the poor of the community, to eliminate or mitigate one of the main challenges of micro-credit, namely, poverty, and thereby contribute to human development at local, regional, national

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