Microfinance in Morocco: The portfolio risk increases to 5.1%

MFIs in Morocco
After just a year and a half of existence, has emerged as JAIDA reference institution of the microfinance sector in Morocco. Following its annual activity report 2008 press release in Rabat December 4, JAIDA applies mainly to fill 6 strategic areas that revolve around improving access to credit for micro-enterprises in Morocco to facilitate the process of financing all the AMC (Association of microcredit) while promoting institutional development, the details will be discussed to raise funds from private sources and attract new capital into the microfinance sector with an improvement nonetheless coordination of donors and to maintain dialogue with government.
According Boubrik Hassan, Chairman of JAIDA The year 2008 was marked by turbulence of the first sector, two unprecedented phenomena characterized by both an increase in delinquencies and a stagnation of business. Indeed, portfolio at risk rose from 1.1% to end 2007 at about 5.1% to end 2008.Parallelement, volume portfolios CMA recorded a decline of about 1%. But the main achievements of the Fund during 2008 are undeniably remarkable It is amongst other things, signed four loan agreements with Senior MAC for a total of 236 million dirhams (21.45 million euros) .


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