Microcredit in Morocco and rural world

Rural World in Morocco
As a new microcredit to fight poverty depend on the proximity of the poor, especially in rural areas, which is in dire need for this type of financial services, as it relates to the preparation of structures and infrastructure (connectivity of drinking water, electricity, housing, ...) that been deprived for decades, by the marginalization suffered and still suffered by the public authorities at the expense of the development of urban centers, small loans have done so - if we want to say - re-sort of balance and aims to correct the imbalances and inequalities, that exist between rural areas and urban areas, thereby reducing the phenomenon of rural migration, and rural development and rural areas and contribute to human development in general, through the empowerment of the poor from access to financial services.
MicroLoans contribute effectively in the fight against poverty in its various manifestations, in the case of the optimal investment of the loan granted to an income-generating activity, which will benefit not only the owner of the project, but on the family as a whole to improve the standard of living and provide education for children and ensure its sustainability, and improving access to health services , and other services ...


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