Dar Assafaa First Islamic Bank in Morocco

"Dar Assafaa" is First Islamic financial Institution in Morocco, The Governor of Bank Al-Maghrib approved Dar Assafaa on 13 May 2010 as islamic finance company specialising in the marketing of islamic finance.

"Dar Assafaa" is a subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank, capitalised at MAD 50 million ($5.7 million).
The Under the brand "Dar Assafaa" , the company will market a range of Shari'ah-compliant financing, referred to as ‘alternative’ . The first four products, available through a network of nine branches, are based on Murabaha contracts and include:

- Safaa Immo: to finance real estate projects
- Safaa Auto: vehicle finance
- Safaa Cons: for the purchase of products and services
- Safaa Tajhiz: to equip your home

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  1. Anonymous

    On the site of Dar Assafa the following is stated in de FAQ :

    Est-ce que Dar Assafaa a eu recours à des Oulémas ou d’autres experts de la finance islamique pour certifier son modèle ?

    Non, ce type de certification n’existe pas dans la réglementation bancaire marocaine.

  2. Anonymous

    please how could we get the adress of this islamic bank

  3. Anonymous

    Comment on peut trouver l'adresse d'ar assafa
    Repont le plus plutot possible

  4. Hi Omar
    Dar Essafae Website: http://www.darassafaa.com/

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