International Conference on Islamic Business and Finance

An International level conference conducted at Islamabad with the name and topic of "Present state and the Way forward Islamic" conference of international Level on Islamic Business and Finance which is ICIB 2011 and ICIB 2011 will be organized on February 8 to February 9, 2011.

With around eleven hundred institutions and assets of US $ one trillion, Islamic finance is now an important part of the global financial system. The scope and range of both Islamic finance and business remains to be further explored and scrutinized. Beyond the recurrent financial instabilities, the Islamic system is promising in tackling various other challenges related to government finances, deepening of financial markets, or narrowing the socio economic disparities. Central however to the sustenance and further success of Islamic finance is the need to gear it with Islamic business practices and to strictly observe its original contours of Equity, Justice, and Transparency. The Conference therefore aims at discussing the present state of Islamic business and finance and how and in what way the same can contribute to the stability of and provide opportunities to the national and global economies.

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