Sudan Monitors 3 Trillion Pounds To Fund Youth Projects

The Sudanese government Spotted 12% of the budget of each bank to support the microfinance industry to advance its role in supporting young people and the fight against poverty and the empowerment of women, as was done at the crossroads of Islamic Microfinance, which concludes its work in Khartoum in the coming days with the participation of a number of experts, specialists and researchers in the field of microfinance experience Bangladesh Grameen Bank

Microfinance in Sudan
The support and banking institutions of the Islamic Microfinance in Sudan a major anchor to the success of microfinance has helped figure the more I said to the sustainability of microfinance projects

The microfinance institutions in Sudan services associated with the microfinance are on both sides of social and economic, such as education, health and combating poverty It also provides technical services such as training in providing funding, training and awareness to enable customers to benefit from funding in the specific project and its sustainability.

The percentage of beneficiaries 97% of the poor as a result of training, rehabilitation and education, most of the loans and mass less than 1% of individual loans


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