The First Small Business Conference in Yemen Calls For Change

Participants in the first conference of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yemen Called to create a public financial institution help banks and microfinance institutions to grant loans to the sectors of small and medium-sized enterprises guarantees easy, accessible and simple interest rate.

microfinance in YemenThe conference was held the first Yemeni small and medium-sized enterprises in the 26-27 / May in Sana'a organized by the Yemeni Association for Business Development and in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Said Dr. Abdullah Al-Mikhlafi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and professor of banking at the University of Taiz, in an interview with balcony "will not list for economic development only if there is interest in SMEs via its support in the planning stage and provide technical support her and to expand and facilitate the process of funding them."

He admitted Al-Mikhlafi not sharing the government enough to support small and medium enterprises, calling for the establishment of a governmental body working to secure the necessary funding for these projects and allocate part of the capital of commercial banks and Islamic countries, between 10 and 15 per cent, to finance small and medium enterprises.

The participants recommended that the central bank required a certain percentage of the loan portfolio mandatory in Islamic and conventional banks in Yemen of not less than 15 per cent went to the small and medium-sized enterprises.

As well as to avoid activating the insurance for bankruptcy protection and activating the role of compulsory insurance affordable for entrepreneurs, as well as enable, support and encourage women in the implementation of small and medium-sized enterprises and to provide financial and technical support to them.

He said Munawar Essanoui, Executive Director in Yemen Society for Business Development, for the balcony "The small projects are of great importance in the economies of developing countries and account for about 90 per cent of the total national income because it is fast in generating jobs at a high rate as it provides job opportunities free to a large number of members of the community . "

"If we want to promote sector small and medium enterprises we establish a joint body including private and government sectors concerned with SMEs and working to develop this sector from three directions: the first regards the legislative structure provided that they are accessible and supportive of the sector, and the second for funding and soft loans, and the third terms of providing opportunities for training and advisory services, feasibility studies and technical support. "

'Column the economy'
In turn, he said certified Abdo Srora, the director of human resources at the Small Industries Development Fund, said that small and medium-sized enterprises are the "pillar of the economy" in Yemen and developing countries in general.

He continued, saying, "If the government wants to achieve sustainable development and the recovery of real economic interest in this sector in kind and financially and in terms of infrastructure."

And the constraints faced by small enterprises, summed up by failing to provide legal protection, as well as funding for banks to production processes only instead of starting from scratch funding.

And the Central Bank's role in supporting small and medium enterprises, explained Balkis Ahmad, Director of the Department of Islamic banks and specialized in the Central Bank, saying he was "focused on control over the institutions and banks lending small and medium enterprises in addition to passing legislation encouraging the work of the private banking microfinance."

She stated that the law gave incentives for the establishment of microfinance banks, including reducing the required capital to 600 million riyals (2.8 million U.S. dollars), compared to six billion riyals ($ 27.9 million) to other banks, and shorten the establishment procedures to enable the granting of a license in a period of two months from the date of submission demand. KD Suite

Ahmed added that making the central bank rate-setting open to microfinance banks, unlike other banks.

Her "The microfinance banks made good strides in the provision of services to beneficiaries," and this is what encouraged other institutions to provide microfinance services and small as she put it.

She explained, "We now have new applications to provide these services from one of the exchange companies and offshore bank, as there is a proposal under consideration to integrate some financial institutions and converted to a smaller bank financing." Forex Indicator Predictor
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