Fund «JAIDA» released its annual report on the status of microfinance in Morocco

IMFs in Morocco
After nine months only to start its activities, the Fund occupied the «JAIDA» to finance associations specialized in micro-loans have a prominent place in the microfinance sector in Morocco, where the Fund was the culmination of Morocco's efforts and activities aimed to develop microfinance. Conditions are favorable reception offered contributed to demonstrate the difficulties of financing micro-credit associations, particularly those of medium and small. During this short period, enabling the Fund «JAIDA» to play an intermediary role, and contributed to the promotion of partnership with a number of economic sectors, where loans have enabled micro-credit associations to develop their services and to expand, especially in rural areas, in terms of employment benefit amounts including customers, in productive projects and income-generating.
According to the same report, recorded last year 2008 set a new record in the number of beneficiaries of microcredit, as the number exceeded one million people, while the total size of the record of the appropriations allocated more than 30 billion dirhams, on the grounds that the year 2006 recorded about 15 billion dirhams, and benefited of which 4.5 million people, represents the women's race, 66 per cent.
The amount recorded in September 2007, has reached five billion dirhams, registering an increase of 67 per cent, compared with 2006, or 4DH 7 billion, at a time when the number of active customers more than 400 thousand customers. Betting and micro-credit associations, under the flag of federalism, to transfer the number to 10 million customers, in the year 2010.
It is noteworthy that the Fund «JAIDA» to re-finance micro-credit associations, was submitted to the Foundation ZaKoura, specializing in micro-loans, a loan of 40 million DHs, aimed at promoting microfinance sector, as demand grows and the pace of Moroccans, especially the artisans, the micro-loans in recent years , as has become Morocco in the forefront of the Mediterranean countries active in this area.
According to the National Federation of Microcredit Associations that the proportion of women benefiting from the proposed loans had reached 70 per cent in 2008, and explains the dynamics of this indicator of women in this area, and treat them positive microfinance, while explain the relatively low percentage recorded among men, in a bad use of funds, The research shows that men are more likely to consume what amounts Estelmonh issues may be far from production projects to generate income.

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