Poverty in Morocco

Morocco Poverty Map

The identification of the concept of poverty is not easy, arises where a great deal of controversy and disagreement about the appropriate definition of poverty, some researchers poverty is defined according to income or rather due to the lack of income, and other researchers emphasize that poverty should be measured by the inability of the individual to obtain the necessary social requirements, and accepted that poverty, can not be reduced only in the deprivation of financial resources that this concept be expanded to include other forms of human deprivation concept of poverty is defined from the perspective of social exclusion.

Has become a poverty problem in our country today is structurally stable and elusive and multifaceted, is the weakness of job opportunities available in the case of marginalization that are attacking large groups of society, which would be spared to take advantage of infrastructure and social services available to the rare and deprive them from participating in decision-making.
The failures associated with poverty, political, economic and social failure of many development schemes, defined by Morocco since independence, particularly on the program and the accompanying structural adjustment measures, have resulted in cases of austerity, unemployment and inflation and a wage freeze and tax pressure and the decline in purchasing power and extremely difficult to access social services, and an imbalance in the the distribution of income. Which led to the impoverishment of the poor and more wealth and prosperity for the majority of the rich few lucky ones.
In terms of figures about the number of poor people today in our country of 5 million people, according to the results of recent research on the standard of living of households, 4 million Moroccans live below the relative poverty threshold (an annual expenditure of less than 3235 DH in urban areas and 2989 DH in rural areas and so on) live 3 million of the total poor in the villages and one million in cities and about 25% of the Moroccan economic weakness large (annual expenditure is less than 4500 DH).
Thus, poverty is, in depth, a rural phenomenon, and this is confirmed by research and the first map of poverty carried out by the High Planning Commission and the World Bank recently.
On the other hand, poverty affects mainly women and young people and children.


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