Insurance in Morocco

Insurance in Morocco

Known to the insurance in Morocco prosperous economically significant because of the development of services and multiple types such as insurance on health, and accident insurance, housing and other types of insurance, which provide protection cover works to transform the impact of different types of risks that may be exposure to professional institutions ready and able to withstand the effects of such risks, and these institutions are called insurance companies.

For the insurance accident insurance companies bear the losses of accidents to persons insured beneficiaries of insurance services on the physical and material damage resulting from the occurrence of sudden accident as it contracted with the company.

As the insured person to pay the annual premium to the insurance company that if an event has an accident car is compensated within a certain time frame, within the limits of the conditions of the contract between the parties which features an irresistible, could reach tens of thousands, knowing that the annuity referred to not recovered in the absence of any incident.

In addition, the annuity contract may be increased by greater than a male and therefore the terms of the subsidy is better than its predecessor.

It should be noted that the intense competition between insurance companies depends on the policy of awareness and communication strategy and marketing has made the sector known as kinetic markedly, empowers citizens the opportunity to choose presentations suitable for them to insure their cars and themselves from the incidents of physical, physical, and their health and their lives to other types of insurance compact in the market Moroccan insurance.

It should be noted that insurance companies have contributed their part in raising the level of the sector in Morocco and made citizens aware of and care about the insurance, whether on accident or on life, and other offers available in the insurance in Morocco market.

On the other hand the microinsurance in Morocco is witnessing a remarkable development, which is aimed at reaching the poor in Microfinance sector, who they can not access the services of insurance companies in Morocco.

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