Al Amana Microfinance and Wafacash Partnership

Al Amana Microfinance

Al Amana Microfinance, a leading microcredit in Morocco, is diversifying its business and expands its services to customers by signing a partnership agreement with Wafacash Development and distribution services Domestic Money Transfer (Cash Express), Transfer of International money (Western Union and Money Gram) and the manual exchange.

This partnership will broaden the range of products and services of Al Amana and thereby contribute to reinforce its mission of financial inclusion of large populations across the kingdom.

The offering of these new services will eventually cover the entire distribution network of Al Amana Microfinance which has 450 outlets and 50 mobile branches. It is worth mentioning that Al Amana Microfinance has already served as part of its activities over a million customers.

Other banking should expand in the coming months, the product range of Al Amana Microfinance.

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