The Second Micro insurance summit in Miami

 Micro Insurance Summit
After the first summit in London, the second mico insurance summit to be hosted in Miami , 26-27 May, 2010
In Discuss the world’s best experts in this emerging market, including leading global insurers and re-insurers, MFIs, aid agencies, NGO, development banks and international and regional regulatory bodies.

Attend the Micro Insurance Summit 2010 and:
•Understand the shape and direction this market is heading towards, and what you must do to capitilize on MI business opportunities in developing economies.
•Learn about innovative distribution practices to lower your costs and increase outreach
•Educate low income clients on risk management to improve your market penetration rate.
•Devise demand driven and affordable products to best meet your clients needs and expectations.
•Comprehend the role of regulation and supervision in creating, enabling and facilitating the development of MI, and what you must do to be compliant
•Establish how to strengthen your IT infrastructure and specialized service providers for the micro insurance market.

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  1. Rachid - Are you seeing any kind of convergence between the 'microfinancing' and 'social enterprise' dialog and techniques? It seems like a natural correlation.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I see that there is a natural relationship between the 'microfinancing' and 'social enterprise'ة Although there are some differences.

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