Microfinance Institution: "INMAA"

The Moroccan institutions to support microenterprise "INMAA", is an association of microcredit governed by the law which regulates the area of microfiance in Morocco.
"INMAA" has been created within "AMSED" (Moroccan Association for Solidarity and Development) that initiated the activity of microcredit in Morocco 1993.Elle she has inherited its philosophy and its expertise in the field of microfinance.

"INMAA" was established in September 1999, Customer "Inmaa" has 10 000 active clients.
"INMAA" is of the Group engaged in the regional networks and international organizations concerned to microfinance and microcredit, including: Arabic Network for Microfinance "SANABEL" Carnegie exchange market information "MIX" and "AGFUND" and other institutions ...
"INMAA" shows that the individual loans, loans for housing in a steady rise, compared with loans of solidarity,And finally launched microinsurance products.

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