Does Microcredit Good for the Poor?

 Microcredit Impact
Itraud always to my mind this fundamental question when talking about microcredit: Do you really good
microcredit for the poor?In other words, you can microloans for small to help the poor out of a poverty, and to secure the basic daily needs? This question leads us into a spiral of other questions, what is poverty? Who are the poor? And on what basis can distinguish between the poor?

We find that in most cases, using income as a basis for discrimination among the poor, we say, for example, the poor, income non-existent or non-existent similarities, the poor, with low-income, and so on ...
Let's go back to the question we started with our article, and try to answer it. During the field research I did last year (2009) - unpublished at present - about microcredit in Morocco concluded that more than 60 per cent of the poor / respondents, their status improved and socio - economic benefit from the loan after the small, and further concluded that the loans can be small rural areas to contribute to the alleviation of rural migration, and thereby reduce poverty in reaching out to the residence of urban areas.
It is known that the poor, save in some way (jewelry, precious metals ...) in case of any emergencies that might come into contact with in the future life, but there are a broad class of poor - almost non-existent or no-income - does not have any savings, the group living on less than one dollar a day, so I think that the current microcredit on its own terms - high interest, the small size of the loan .. - Not in favor of this category of the poor, but will further aggravate the crisis and their status and socio - economic crisis to begin with.
In summary, the microcredit good for the poor who need only "a small boost to stand on their feet" for their projects nanotechnologies.

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