Do You Qualify for a Quick Cash Advance?

Everyone encounters times and situations where a cash advance would be useful, even essential. It might be just to make timely payments on bills. Or it could be to finance a business, such as to purchase inventory or secure an office or store space. Another use for a cash advance could be to purchase something for the home, or to pay for a celebration.

But if you are looking for a cash advance the natural question is, “Do I qualify for a quick cash advance ?” There are simple criteria by which you qualify for these advances:

Have a job – The cash advance is based on your regular income, not a credit score or collateral.
Be a resident of the U.K. – However, you can receive the money outside the U.K. if, for example, you are travelling
Be 18 years of age or older
Have a valid bank account – This is where you would receive a direct deposit and provide an electronic debit

Of course, these easy criteria come with some restrictions and warnings. One is that you be prepared to repay the quick cash advance loan within about 30 days. It is meant to be a short-term loan and should always be regarded as such. Another is you use the money with some sense of purpose and forward advancement.

Where to go for a quick cash advance
There have always been store locations where a cash advance loan against a paycheque could be transacted. But the Internet has thoroughly modernized the industry, making access and the time involved much, much easier.

Online quick cash advance loans cut about two hours out of the process. The better providers not only provide fairer interest rates, but also kinder repayment terms that adapt to the needs of the borrower. One such cash advance provider, QuickQuid, outlines in clear terms your repayment options, which include paying it back in one or two pay periods, with further extensions also possible.


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