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Microcredit in Morocco and rural world

Rural World in Morocco
As a new microcredit to fight poverty depend on the proximity of the poor, especially in rural areas, which is in dire need for this type of financial services, as it relates to the preparation of structures and infrastructure (connectivity of drinking water, electricity, housing, ...) that been deprived for decades, by the marginalization suffered and still suffered by the public authorities at the expense of the development of urban centers, small loans have done so - if we want to say - re-sort of balance and aims to correct the imbalances and inequalities, that exist between rural areas and urban areas, thereby reducing the phenomenon of rural migration, and rural development and rural areas and contribute to human development in general, through the empowerment of the poor from access to financial services.
MicroLoans contribute effectively in the fight against poverty in its various manifestations, in the case of the optimal investment of the loan granted to an income-generating activity, which will benefit not only the owner of the project, but on the family as a whole to improve the standard of living and provide education for children and ensure its sustainability, and improving access to health services , and other services ...

Microfinance in Morocco: Small rise in loan interest

The proportion of interest in microcredit associations in Morocco, between 13% and 15% versus 8% to 9% for banks.
It appears from these figures, the interest rate for microloans too high, the banks themselves.
In fact, the interest rate remains the subject of controversy and debate between the various researchers and those interested in this sector at the global level, but in Morocco we find low compared with what it is in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Attributed this high rate of interest - according to sector actors - to serve the poor and access to them in villages and remote places, and this requires the equipment and human capital, technical, cost the association a lot of money.
However, it must reduce this figure to be in line with the situation Alsosioajtmaip for the poor of the community, to eliminate or mitigate one of the main challenges of micro-credit, namely, poverty, and thereby contribute to human development at local, regional, national

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Refinance mortgage – Why you should apply for it

If you are looking to lower the interest of your loan, then you may go for refinancing. You can check out various refinance mortgage rates offered by different lenders and choose the one which is the best for you.
Some reasons for refinancing are given below:
Want to make lower monthly payment: You have already purchased your home and have to pay certain fixed interest-rate for the mortgage. Now, you find that the interest-rate have lowered down. Refinance your mortgage rates by exchanging the previous higher interest rate with the current lower one. Thus, you will have to make lower monthly payment.

Learn to Mortgage

Want to go for lower interest rate: Do you know how long you are going to stay in your house? No? Then don’t go for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). In ARMs, the rate remains low [generally much lower than the fixed rate] for the initial 3-5 years, but, after that the rate goes up with every year and you may be a loser. On the other hand, if you are sure of staying at a house for several years, then it will be beneficial to you to opt for a fixed rate instead of the fluctuating adjustable rate. Then you will have the security of paying a fixed amount monthly without bothering about the market rates.
Need extra money: Want to remodel your home or pay off high-interest rate bills or pay for the tuition fees for your kids? Then opt for refinance.
•Your equity has become more than 20%: When you had taken the first mortgage loan to buy a house and had failed to make a down payment of 20% of the loan amount, you were required to purchase a Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). If you have steadily repaid your mortgage till now, your equity may have become more than 20%. At this time, if you apply for refinancing, you will not need PMI anymore.
The house which you bought before with mortgage is a big asset for you. So you need to go through different refinance mortgage rates and find out the one which will prove to be the most beneficial for you.

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Ebook: Microcredit and information asymmetries: case of Morocco

Microcredit Institutions
In this paper we apply the Principal/Agent theory in case of microcredit granted to
the Moroccan micro-companies. The practice reveals us that a part of the receipted credits is diverted from its initial objective. Indeed, a situation of information asymmetries linked with adverse selection and moral hazard can be noticed. Given that the Agent behavior (the debtor)is unobservable, the Principal (the Creditor) cannot select every time the good types of Agents.
Download here

Microfinance in Morocco: The portfolio risk increases to 5.1%

MFIs in Morocco
After just a year and a half of existence, has emerged as JAIDA reference institution of the microfinance sector in Morocco. Following its annual activity report 2008 press release in Rabat December 4, JAIDA applies mainly to fill 6 strategic areas that revolve around improving access to credit for micro-enterprises in Morocco to facilitate the process of financing all the AMC (Association of microcredit) while promoting institutional development, the details will be discussed to raise funds from private sources and attract new capital into the microfinance sector with an improvement nonetheless coordination of donors and to maintain dialogue with government.
According Boubrik Hassan, Chairman of JAIDA The year 2008 was marked by turbulence of the first sector, two unprecedented phenomena characterized by both an increase in delinquencies and a stagnation of business. Indeed, portfolio at risk rose from 1.1% to end 2007 at about 5.1% to end 2008.Parallelement, volume portfolios CMA recorded a decline of about 1%. But the main achievements of the Fund during 2008 are undeniably remarkable It is amongst other things, signed four loan agreements with Senior MAC for a total of 236 million dirhams (21.45 million euros) .

Easy Loans

Easy loans
When people think of applying for a Loan , one of the last things to spring to mind are easy loans, especially these days. However, easy loans still exist and there are many people out there that can qualify for this type of loan.

What Is An Easy Loan ?
Basically, an easy loan can be virtually any type of loan from a lender as long as it is easily acquired. Some lenders will have easier loan options than others.
Because an easy loan is not specifically any one type of loan, you can consider them as loans that are quickly and easily obtained from a lender. This means that they can be both secured and unsecured. They can also be payday, debt consolidation, car or personal loans and many others.
Some people will be able to get an easy loan more readily than other people, as is the case with any type of loan. If you have good credit you should have no problem acquiring any type of loan that you want, you will also have more options when it comes to the terms than those with bad credit.

Easy Loans, With Bad Credit?
Good credit brings with it the benefits of lower interest rates on both secured and unsecured loans. Most lenders will be willing to approve any type of loan for you if you have good credit, especially if you are able to offer collateral to the lender.

Unfortunately, not everyone has good credit and many people with bad credit are in as much need of a quick and easy loan as a person with good credit.

If you have bad credit you will still be eligible for some types of loans that are quick and easy to obtain, but you will be faced with the possibility of higher interest rates and stricter loan agreement terms. However if you have collateral to offer a lender as security, and so opt for a secured loan, this will make it much quicker and easier for you to acquire a loan and it may reduce your interest rate and improve your terms.

Unsecured loans are harder for those with bad credit to be approved for. Many people with bad credit and fewer options opt for a quick payday loan, as they're known to be the faster and easier to obtain, no matter what your credit score might be. The down side is the extremely high interest rates that come with them.
Whether you have good or bad credit you will certainly want to shop around and approach a few lenders in order to get the best interest rates and the best terms.

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