Opportunities and challenges of Islamic finance in the new year

Before 2012, the magnitude of the economic fluctuations and financial and finished work the U.S. government to reach an agreement between the Obama administration and the Democratic Party on the one hand and the Republican Party on the other hand, to reach agreement avoids United States abyss financial Financial abyss, and by increasing taxes on the American citizen of both Pan and wealthy citizens, so as to enhance the chances of reducing the gap, which began widening between public debt and GDP of the United States, as the increasing gap lead to the growing problem of public debt.

This year also carry a lot of Islamic finance, has increased the pace of growth in Islamic finance assets, they even did not show these results are declared for last year, but the indicators for optimism continued growth in the past year, and still opportunities list to achieve the pace of balanced growth, especially with the economic improvement of the Gulf, and increase spending and development projects, representing Gulf bulk of Islamic finance in the world, and improve their economic status has implications for the improvement and growth of the Islamic finance industry.
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Perhaps the most stimulating continued growth of Islamic finance large turnout on instruments that have experienced significant growth in the last period of sustained, unprecedented, every year since 2009 surprise this sector observers significant growth and diversity in its products, and the slide that interested in this sector, from an instrument to finance large companies, today has become the focus of states to finance development projects, especially the countries of the so-called Arab Spring, which is preparing to launch a range of versions to revive its economy, especially after the political upheavals taking place in these countries and the region in general.

This growth of the Islamic finance also reflected on the banking sector, which has become more expansive at the global level, in addition to the insurance sector, which is expanding in direct correlation with the amount of funding, and remains, it is expected that this growth comes from two important factors: first: the continuing pace of growth tools list, such as the banking sector and instruments, in addition to the Islamic financial market activity, and funds Shariah-compliant investment, which includes a variety of images of low investment and high risks.

Another factor: the expansion and openness to new financial instruments, are expected to be there investment funds like Balseadah or major or even endowment funds, which contain a variety of investments that some may be administered in a manner consistent with the law, and this tool be an opportunity for them better now , since they need to diversity in its investments.

These opportunities for growth there will be a range of challenges, especially as the Islamic finance today is active in an environment designed for conventional financing, With the expansion in the volume of assets and tools and a slice of beneficiaries and investors and geographic expansion increases the size of the challenges for Islamic finance, and the possibility of achieving sustainability in their investments, and what he needs this sector Today dramatically is to build a theoretical framework and rules and regulations are to be part of the system of standards that apply to international banks, especially banks today required to apply Basel III, which require banks to keep more of the reserve requirement, and such regulation may hinder the application of financial instruments depends on the asset, especially in the decades such as participation and leasing, as these assets is part of the Bank's ownership of fixed and invested like loans offered by traditional banks, and this is an example of a form of obstacles that can be encountered Islamic banks in the future, especially that Islamic banks are currently in some States are active without creating a regulatory framework independently take into account the nature of products and services compliant with Islamic law, and this year may be for Islamic banks an opportunity to work on an agreement on a regulatory framework for Islamic banks submit a proposal to form legislation and standards that are commensurate with the nature of the activity of Islamic banks, and take into account the mechanism and procedures Contemporary banks in modern financial systems.

In summary, the Islamic financial Today booming and growth sustained, and is expected to be the new year also years continue the case of growth, due to the expansion of some of the tools such as instruments, and the expected expansion also in new financial instruments, and it remains to be challenges that can face financial Islamic - particularly banks - to make financial systems at the level of international standards and internal countries where it is active compatible with the nature of the products and services that are compatible with the Sharia.


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