AGFUND poses mechanisms of microfinance a funky alternative to the fight against hunger in the world

Confirmed the Arab Gulf Program for Development "AGFUND" headed by Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, his commitment to the fight against hunger in the world through the mechanisms of microfinance and poverty reduction, and improve the conditions of needy segments.

AGFUND supports development strategy is based on three axes: finance projects around the world without discrimination, and building projects for the benefit of those in need, such as banks for the poor, and development partnerships.


In the context of the third track, which means "partnerships" Search AGFUND promote development of relations with the World Food Programme of the United Nations, during a meeting held yesterday at the headquarters of AGFUND in Riyadh.

The Executive Director of AGFUND Nasser bin Bakr Al-Qahtani said the two sides discussed visions serve the fight against hunger in unconventional ways, stressing the readiness of AGFUND to contribute to the financing of projects aimed to fight hunger through alternatives to traditional developed, which mechanisms of microfinance, and banks poverty founded by AGFUND and deployed in the region .

The long cooperation between AGFUND and United Nations organizations makes the common language between them and clear, which helps to achieve common goals in the time frame and in a timely manner for the target segments.

The meeting was attended by AGFUND Executive Director of AGFUND Nasser bin Bakr Al-Qahtani, Director of Project Management Jibreen Jibreen, and the Secretary General of the AGFUND Prize Media Director Abdul Latif Alazaviha, and was attended by the World Food Programme Executive Director Catherine Cazin and the Deputy Executive Director Chief Operating Prince Abdullah, the Assistant Director Executive Romer Lopez, and Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome Bandar bin Abdulmohsen Al-Shalhoub, WFP Regional Director Mohamed Diab, Donor Relations Officer World Jewels Atef Programme.


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