Standard & Poor's Optimistic The Egyptian Economy

The Standard & Poor's credit rating Agency issued recently a report which suggests to reduce chances of sovereign rating to Egypt during the coming period with the lifting of sovereign credit rating of long-term development "under review" and to maintain the degree classification B.
Standard & Poor's

The most important indicators which reflected the confidence of international institutions in the Egyptian economy ranking, which happened between the Islamists and the military with respect to the management of the affairs of the country, pointing out that the presence of one party elected responsible for running the country led to encourage representatives of those institutions to hold talks on foreign loans and others. The report is the starting point for the transformation of foreign investments look to Egypt to positive, although it does not carry powerful messages to reassure but at least remove Egypt from the black circle It is also the beginning of a positive logical that followed better assessments of the performance of the Egyptian economy.

For the first time since the outbreak of the revolution Foundation credit rating change outlook gloomy for Egypt to optimistic, and came by coordinated action between the two leaderships of political and military in the country and the emphasis on civil state which gave positive messages to investors, also supported the optimistic outlook visit Director International Monetary Fund to Egypt and an agreement on Fund loan program.

And so the S & P sends messages optimism the Egyptian economy to the foreign investment community.

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