Family Bank Bahrain

Family Bank Bahrain
Family Bank in Bahrain was accepted as a new member of Sanabel Microfinance, a regional network based on the membership of MFIs in the Arab countries. Where members of Sanabel serve more than 80% of microfinance clients activists (more than 750,000 smaller entrepreneur in the Arab world).

Sanabel Microfinance Network is access to the largest possible number of microentrepreneurs in the Arab countries by strengthening the capacity of MFIs through capacity building services such as training, translation and publication of sources and literature on microfinance and to encourage and facilitate the exchange and communication between workers in the microfinance industry through the conference annual Sanabel website and newsletter of their own, in addition to the Arab Grid for microfinance based in Arab Republic of Egypt-based and are Sanabel first network of its kind and the only one designed to serve microfinance institutions in the Arab world as a non-profit network includes ears 87 members of the 13 Arab countries are mainly Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.

The Family Bank in Bahrain was established initiative of the partnership of the Ministry of Human rights and social development with a number of partners from the private sector has received the Bank's license in October 2009 as the first Islamic bank specialized in microfinance, in partnership between: the Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development , the charity's property, the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, Ithmaar Bank and Ahli United Bank, Kuwait Finance House, and according to the framework of cooperation with Grameen Foundation Trust.


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