The impact of microcredit

Rural woman in Africa

Be microcredit impact and a positive impact on the beneficiaries, both in the short term, medium and long term, including:

- Install action : the first is a feature of microcredit, the poor characteristics of the main Sun fluctuating income and minimization, where it is not fixed and unchanging, and this is about the instability of cost-effectiveness of their project or work, by a number of variables long - medium term (economic crisis, for example ... ) or seasonal (such as drought for agricultural activity ...), making them vulnerable to external shocks, but it is through microcredit directed to the poor, will enable them to establish small businesses or small their project development and pre-existing work on the development, which allows secure their incomes are Qar and fixed, and thus achieve food security, health, family and ensure the education of children ....

Micro-loans, on the other hand, contribute to the transfer of low-income beneficiaries, who are employed - usually - in the informal sector (hawkers, for example) to the private structured, and thus enable them to work legally and orderly manner, all as a result of micro-project development and growth.

- Empowerment of women : women are vulnerable group of the population, suffer most from poverty and social exclusion, economic, and health for women are major inequalities in utilization of various services (education, health ...) Micro Loans, originally, was addressed primarily to serve women .

Women in rural areas bear the burden of a large part of the tasks and works in agriculture and traditional industry and the White, but that work is unpaid, and studies show that microfinance can contribute to the emancipation of women from economic dependence and play a fundamental role in the autonomy of women, be microcredit to grant women the self-confidence and helps to strengthen their independence and their contribution within Jmathn When women benefit from a small loan and a member of the project, many aspects of the parallel turn, belong (food, education, health ...) and the project is not only alone.

By Rachid AJMAL


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