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Standard & Poor's Agency Warned Euro Zone

Standard and Poor's credit rating Agency warned it may cut rating 15 countries in the Euro zone with the worsening debt crisis of the region, and put the agency rankings countries in the Euro zone, including countries with credit ratings distinct, such as Germany and France, under surveillance, with the potential reduction in the step unprecedented refers to the possibility of reducing the rankings of these countries within 90 days.

The Standard and Poor's agency said "The move resulted from our belief that regulatory pressures in the euro area worsened in recent weeks to the extent that they now form the downward pressure on the credit rating of the Euro area as a whole"

The agency noted tightening of credit conditions across the Euro area and the "clear height" in the risk premiums on sovereign bonds.

It is noteworthy that governments and families continue to suffer from large debts in most countries of the euro area, with the increased risk of recession, estimated by Standard & Poor's currently 40% over the next year.

The important factor behind the warning the agency was "continuing disagreements among European policy-makers on how to address the current crisis of confidence in the market, and the longer term, how to ensure a convergence of economic and financial largest among the members of the Euro area".
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Exceeded the sovereign debt crisis worsening in Europe, local banks, and are the indirect consequences threaten the companies on the continent and throughout the world.
And began to airlines and shipping giant and owners of small factories and businesses in all its forms and activities is feeling the pressure caused by the European banks stopped lending as part of its efforts to increase its capital and to support their balance sheets. Which led to the credit crunch experienced by companies operating from Berlin to Beijing, which puts the global economy on the brink of another economic recession.
The deteriorating situation in the euro area pay Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to amend its forecast for U.S. economic growth at a rate of 2% next year, down from the expected rate at the previous 3.1% in May. Also reduced the economic outlook for Europe and the rest of the world, can also aggravate the contraction of credit from the economic slowdown.
Moreover, increased agency Moody's credit rating from the possibility of an overall reduction in the debt rating of European governments in the event of not reaching a strong resolution and resolve the escalating crisis worsening.
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